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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 307th Municipal Administrative Meeting 09/07/2017

刊登發佈日期:2017/09/12 上午 11:53:13|最後修改日期:2017/09/12 上午 11:53:13


1. Report on “Post-0206 Earthquake Restoration and Reconstruction” by the Public Works Bureau (please refer to written sources for details)
2. “Love and Thankfulness: A Report to the Citizens on Achievements in Administration over the Past Seven Years” by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (please refer to written sources for details)
Resolution: Approved for reference filing
Mayor’s comments:
(1) Thank you for the report by Public Works Director-General Su. In both disaster relief during the earthquake and the post-disaster settlement, the Public Works Bureau has demonstrated extraordinary execution power. Despite the severe damage caused by the 0206 earthquake, the concerted effort of the city government and all parts of Taiwan has proven that the city passed the test and became more resilient. Apart from public life returning to normal, overall restoration is almost completed. I am grateful to Public Works team led by Director-General Su, Bureau of Urban Development, and the heads and employees of related bureaus and departments for their proactive support. In the course of restoration and reconstruction, the supervision of Deputy Mayor Wu and assistance of Secretary-General Lee have played a decisive role. The services this government has offered have exceeded the regulatory service standard of civil servants. The reconstruction of the Wei Kuan apartment complex, Dachih Marketplace, and Sing Fu apartment complex in the report either has been initiated or is about to start. The reconstruction of the residential complexes on Wunhe Street has been completed. About 1,000 buildings damaged by soil liquefaction requiring jack-lifting, righting, and grouting have all been completed within one and a half years. I appreciate very much the efforts of the Public Works Bureau and Bureau of Urban Development.
(2) The report by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission represents the achievements of the concerted effort of all city government employees, including the heads and employees of all bureaus and departments; the district heads and employees of all district offices; village wardens; and directors of community development associations. Your total devotion has achieved outstanding performance which makes this city proud. This pride is all yours, and thanks for your support and devotion.
(3) This will be the last municipal administration meeting in my mayoral term. Please continue to support Acting Mayor Meng-Yen Lee. I would also hope that Deputy Mayor Wu and Deputy Mayor Chang to continue their assistance for Acting Mayor Meng-Yen Lee. Lastly, I wish the heads and employees of all bureaus and departments and the heads and employees of all district offices to continue your efforts persistently. Thank you.


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