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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 321st Municipal Administrative Meeting 01/03/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/01/09 上午 11:40:52|最後修改日期:2018/01/09 上午 11:40:52

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. Encouraging all staff members of the Tainan City Government to maximize their efforts to improve Tainan in 2018
(1) This is the first Municipal Administrative Meeting of 2018. I would like to use this opportunity to wish the citizenry of Tainan health and happiness and all those residing in Taiwan a smooth and fruitful year. May the Greater Tainan region enjoy prosperity, and all local businesses be favored with great success.
(2) Tainan’s 2018 New Year’s Trilogy was a success. I would like to thank the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration and the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration for collaborating with the Tainan City Government in organizing this event. In addition, I would also like to recognize the efforts of all of my coworkers from the Department of Information and International Relations, the Tourism Bureau of the Tainan City Government, the Bureau of Civil Affairs, the Tainan City Police Department, the Bureau of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Fire Bureau. In addition to being joyful and festive, the New Year’s Trilogy also increased citizens’ identification with Tainan City as well as their sense of wellbeing.
(3) As the new year begins, Tainan City’s new annual budget is also in place. Thanks to the solid foundation laid by Premier Lai, the various programs developed by the administration will be implemented according to schedule. Once again, I encourage all staff of the Tainan City Government to continue to strive to ensure that the various major infrastructure projects are completed according to schedule. I hereby ask the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission to follow up on the progress of such infrastructure projects. Furthermore, the Economic Development Bureau should propose ideas at investment conferences for building an optimal employment environment via large-scale investment in Tainan. Together, let us devote all our efforts to achieving the Tainan City Government’s objectives and thereby boosting Tainan’s development and progress.
2. Pingshi Park, now open to the public, offers an excellent living environment
(1) Last week, Pingshi Park was officially opened to the public. The park has since received many positive reviews. Pingshi Park received many important construction awards. A total of 581 old trees were preserved and 252 new ones planted. A high green coverage ratio was employed in creating Pingshi Park’s landscape, making it the lungs of Tainan City. Beyond offering an excellent venue for leisure activities, Pingshi Park also functions as a park that conserves energy, reduces carbon emissions, prevents flooding, and improves drainage. I would like to thank Director-General Su for his efforts and commitment to leading the Tainan Public Works Bureau to complete this project.
(2) Pingshi Park is equipped with three dry flood detention basins. A comprehensive disaster prevention and flood detention system was built during the redistribution of Pingshi Barracks. Box culverts were built in the area to allow direct drainage to the Chaitougang River, thereby preventing floods. I would like to thank Director-General Shen and the Water Resources Bureau for planning and executing the flood prevention measures.
(3) The development of Pingshi Barracks was promoted through the City Government’s step-by-step, cross-departmental collaboration. I would like to thank Deputy Mayor Wu for his oversight, and I would also like to recognize the efforts of the Urban Development Bureau and the Land Administration Bureau for their efforts in promoting this project. A future transfer station, Pingshi Barracks marks the intersection of the blue and green lines of the Tainan Mass Rapid Transit System, making it an important transportation hub that will propel the development of the Zhonghua East Road business district. The Veterans’ Home is also scheduled to be relocated to Pingshi Barracks. Together, the Veterans’ Home, Pingshi Park, and the Veterans’ Hospital will form a community with a broad range of medical and leisure functions.
(4) People’s Livelihoods First has always been a major core value of the Tainan City Government’s policies. Our objectives are to create a livable, comfortable environment, boost the economy, and employ policies that reflect the public will. I believe that prosperous development in the region is to be expected after the development of Pingshi Barracks has been completed, thereby offering citizens an improved quality of life and increasing Tainan’s livability. Again, I would like to thank the Land Administration Bureau for completing the renovation and construction work on Pingshi Barracks and ask them to carry out subsequent tasks such as land sales and land development according to schedule.
1. The Urban Development Bureau's report on Implementing Social Housing and Promoting Housing Subsidies in Tainan City (for details, please refer to the paper copy)
Decision: Approved for reference
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Housing for all is a goal that the government would like to achieve. The Tainan City Government has employed policies regarding rent subsidies and housing and renovation loans since 2007. In this decade, these policies have benefited more than 30,000 households in Tainan City, thus validating the City Government’s efforts to proactively implement housing policy and achieving the goal of providing adequate housing for residents. I would like to thank the Urban Development Bureau and relevant departments for their efforts to promote these policies, which have been so effective in elevating the living conditions of the disadvantaged.
(2) Overly high home prices in urban areas have always been the public's greatest complaint. In accordance with the Central Government's policies, the Tainan City Government implemented a social housing policy in 2016 to develop 200,000 housing units to meet citizens' housing needs. The Tainan City Government conducted an in-depth investigation into the potential of a range of social housing solutions, leading to plans to help lower-income citizens obtain suitable housing and improve their living environment via rental escrow services, the development of public welfare facilities through public urban renewal, the renovation of idle public housing, and the acquisition of social housing through build-operate-transfer projects. Departments involved in these efforts should collaborate to provide citizens with assistance in housing-related matters and strengthen the acquisition of financing and land to implement social housing policies. 
(3) Currently, the Tainan City Government offers a variety of housing subsidies, all of which have received widely positive reviews and many applicants. Aside from continuing to provide housing subsidies in the future, policies such as rental escrow services and the employment of diverse forms of social housing will be applied to further ensure housing security for disadvantaged families, who often encounter difficulties when renting housing accommodations. Ultimately, the Tainan City Government’s efforts are centered on providing public services that prioritize the well-being of the citizenry.
(4) With increasingly rapid social, economic, and environmental changes occurring both domestically and internationally, factors that influence the development of the housing market are increasing in complexity. Therefore, the Tainan City Government must continue to monitor and review housing issues. I would like to ask the Urban Development Bureau and other concerned departments to conduct regular reviews. If any insufficiencies are found, immediate responses and adaptations are required to ensure that housing policies keep up with current affairs.
2. The Cultural Affairs Bureau’s report on the outcome of the Yuguang Island Art Festival and Street Art Competival (for details, please refer to the paper copy)
Decision: Approved for reference
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Both events were a success. I would like to thank the Water Resources Bureau for removing waste from the beach and the Environmental Protection Bureau for purchasing dune buggies and removing oyster shells before the Yuguang Island Art Festival, thereby ensuring visitors' safety. I would also like to thank the Department of Sports for renovating the windsurfing base, the Urban Development Bureau for fixing the boardwalks, and the Public Works Bureau and Agricultural Bureau for their assistance.
(2) After phase two construction of the boardwalks on Yuguang Island has been completed, the Urban Development Bureau can organize experiential activities to encourage citizens to visit Yuguang Island. In addition, negotiations for construction projects adjacent to Yuguang Island are underway; therefore, promoting economic development while maintaining Yuguang Island’s natural landscape is an important issue for the Tainan City Government.
(3) The Cultural Affairs Bureau should contemplate how organizing the Street Art Competival benefits Tainan, and how to strengthen these benefits. I would also like to ask the Cultural Affairs Bureau to determine the dates of the Yuguang Island Art Festival.


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