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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 308th Municipal Administrative Meeting 09/12/2017

刊登發佈日期:2017/09/20 下午 04:59:38|最後修改日期:2017/09/20 下午 04:59:38

 Mayor’s Remarks

1. Pursuit of continuous progress at a surefooted pace
(1) After former Mayor Lai resigned from his mayoral office for the premiership to take greater responsibility for our nation, the heads of city government departments and bureaus resigned en masse by law. To continue the governance of the city, I have presided over the oaths of office today of all department and bureau heads to stabilize and ensure the least adjustment of the administration. This is also my first time to host the municipal administrative meeting as acting mayor. As Premier Lai rightly said, “With the concerted effort of the two deputy mayors, secretary-general, deputy secretaries-general, and the heads and colleagues of all bureaus and departments, the Tainan City Government has created outstanding performance in municipal development to make the city proud.” As a member of the administration, I am honored and grateful to all colleagues for their efforts and contributions.
(2) When planning the 2018 general budget, we have upheld the financial discipline to spend on what is needed and cut what is unneeded. We also prioritized administration plans of the year and estimated their budgets. After these budgets are approved in this municipal administrative meeting, we will submit them to the city council for examination. 
(3) The baton of city management and administration has been passed from one to another. When personnel and financial arrangements have been completed, I hope that all colleagues can stay gold and stand fast at their posts. More importantly, we should humbly accept the comments and criticisms from the city council and all quarters of society. By doing so, we aim to continue our efforts to accomplish all major development projects for Tainan that meet the required quality and deadlines based on the existing foundations. It is our responsibility to fulfill citizens’ expectations by optimizing city management and to create the best memories for this city.
2. Stay alert to Typhoon Talim
(1) According to the Central Weather Bureau, the powerful moderate Typhoon Talim will strike Taiwan. Related units, including the Disaster Response Center, Public Works Bureau, Water Resources Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Tainan City Police Department, Fire Bureau, Bureau of Education, Bureau of Social Affairs, and district offices, should stay alert to minimize the potential hazards brought by the typhoon.
(2) Over the past few years, we have developed a well-established disaster response mechanism. Lately, all related units have completed preparations for the typhoon: the Water Resources Bureau has reinforced protection for flood-prone areas; the Public Works Bureau has completed the maintenance of roads and related projects; the Environmental Protection Bureau has cleaned the street drains; the police and fire services have formed their stand-by and rescue task forces; and the Social Affairs Bureau and district offices have completed their evacuation and accommodation plans. Citizens can ease their worries.
(3) Should anyone need any help during the typhoon period, please call 1999 or dial 119 to contact us. The city government will give you full assistance in order to minimize the typhoon influence on citizens and their daily life.


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