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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 349th Municipal Administrative Meeting 08/15/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/08/20 下午 02:29:00|最後修改日期:2018/08/20 下午 02:29:00

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. Thanking the Central Government for their full support for major infrastructure projects in Tainan
(1) On August 11, Premier Lai led staff members of the Executive Yuan on an official visit to Tainan. Together, Premier Lai, his team, and the Tainan City Government announced the official launch of construction work for Tainan’s Advanced Transportation System. This was a historic moment for Tainan, as the Advanced Transportation System will become the foundation for Tainan’s development in centuries to come.
(2) Plans for the Advanced Transportation System were already underway in 2013 when Premier Lai was Mayor of Tainan City. The objective of this plan was to build a secure foundation for advanced modes of transportation in Tainan. Under this project, the Blue, Green, and Red Lines of the Tainan Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) System offer greater convenience for tourists and commuters alike. The three MRT lines will be connected to central Tainan, the Tainan High Speed Rail Station area, and Tainan Airport. This project has been included in stage two special budgeting of the Central Government’s Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. I would like to ask the Bureau of Transportation to refer to the schedule outlined by the Central Government and proactively promote various organizational tasks.
(3) I would like to thank the Central Government for fully supporting major infrastructure projects in Tainan. Other than the Advanced Transportation System and the project to extend railway grade separation to Shanhua, projects involving railway construction, water treatment, urban and rural construction, and facilities and measures for solving the low birth rate have also been approved under the the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. In total, NT $56.6 billion in funds have been allocated to these projects, and nearly NT $9 billion has been injected into the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City Project. These projects foretell Tainan’s prosperous development in the future.
2. Please enhance awareness for Dengue fever prevention
(1) Southern Taiwan’s hot weather makes it an ideal breeding ground for Dengue vectors. In 2015, Tainan experienced a severe Dengue fever outbreak. Thankfully, the Central Government and the Tainan City Government, industries, academia, and citizens collaborated to eliminate vectors, achieving effective disease control. The Tainan City Government was mindful of the 2015 outbreak and established the Tainan City Dengue Fever Prevention Control Center in 2016. The Center engages in interdepartmental collaborations and specializes in vector prevention. Furthermore, the Center collaborates with industries, the government, and academia to promote information on disease prevention and to stipulate diverse prevention strategies. As a result, for the first time in 20 years, Tainan had zero indigenous cases of Dengue fever in 2017.
(2) Dengue fever is a disease associated with the environment. Thus, eliminating vector sources is the most effective way of preventing Dengue fever. Starting in late July, Tainan has seen a rise in thunderstorms. I urge citizens to complete the steps of patrolling, emptying, cleaning, and scrubbing after thunderstorms because containers in neighborhoods are the most common source of Dengue vectors. If not handled properly, these containers may very well become a breeding ground for Dengue vectors. 
(3) Recently, indigenous cases of Dengue fever have been reported in Taipei City and New Taipei City, and imported cases have also been regularly reported. I urge citizens to remain alert and be sure to eliminate vector sources. Let us all work together to keep our living environment clean and prevent Dengue vectors from breeding. I would like to ask the Public Health Bureau to enforce the law according to Articles 25 and 70 of the Communicable Disease Control Act. Also, the Public Health Bureau, Bureau of Civil Affairs, and district offices must continue to strengthen cleaning operations.
1. The Agriculture Bureau’s report on its administrative achievements over the past eight years (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing
Deputy Mayor Wu’s Remarks:
(1) I would like to thank Director Shu for his report. Over the past eight years, the Agriculture Bureau has promoted policies centered on transforming the agricultural industry, farmers, and farm villages. As a result, Tainan's agriculture had grown from NT $42.9 billion before Tainan was upgraded as a special municipality to NT $62.4 billion in 2017, and fallow land has decreased from more than 50,000 hectares to 16,000 hectares, achieving a revitalization rate of 68%. A total of 1,040 new farmers have been recruited, among which 104 have achieved an annual income of more than NT $1 million. Eighty communities have undergone farm village transformation projects, the highest number among all six special municipalities in Taiwan. The Taiwan Orchid Plantation's cumulative annual output has exceeded NT $20 billion. The three-to-five-year export orders generated from the Taiwan International Orchids Show (TIOS) has reached NT $10 billion and 968 million in 2018, setting a record high and signifying the success of Tainan’s orchid industry.
(2) The Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan, has required all elementary and junior high schools to organize at least two outdoor learning sessions every year. As Tainan’s most competitive tours involve farm villages, I would like to ask the Agriculture Bureau to refer to this policy and formulate packaged tours in farm villages.
(3) I would like to ask the Agriculture Bureau to complete the relocation of Xinhua Fruit and Vegetable Market, Pet Leisure and Education Park, Taiwan Orchid Varieties Commercial Center (TOVCC), various agricultural and fisheries facilities, farm village infrastructure, and cold chain facilities for fruit produced in Yujing according to schedule.
2. The Economic Development Bureau’s report on its administrative achievements over the past eight years (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) I would like to thank Director-General Yin for his report. Over the past eight years, the Economic Development Bureau has stipulated a set of comprehensive strategies to boost economic development. These strategies involve business and investment recruitment, industrial zone development and renewal, industry and business development, and solar solutions and sustainable and green urban applications. These policies have propelled economic growth and enhanced the competitiveness of local industries. The policies proposed by the Economic Development Bureau have won a total of 71 domestic and international awards and an additional surplus of NT $8.9 billion has been created under these strategies. I would like to thank Secretary-General Fang and Director-General Yin for their leadership, and the staff members of the Economic Development Bureau for their excellent work.
(2) Since Tainan was upgraded as a special municipality, the Economic Development Bureau has proactively shaped a quality investment environment. Other than completing the development and business recruitment work for Liou-ying Technology and Environmental Industrial Park, Yong Kang Technical Industrial Park, and Tree Valley Park, the Economic Development Bureau has also reinstated the development of Sin Ji Industrial Park and listed the upcoming development for Cigu Technology Industrial Park. Furthermore, aged industrial zones have been revitalized, and potential investors have been engaged. The Economic Development Bureau has spared no effort to recruit businesses and investors, thereby attracting major companies to take up residence in Tainan and creating employment opportunities for Tainan’s citizenry. Additionally, I personally convene the monthly investment meetings, where I endeavor to assist in solving investment issues related to major investments that exceed NT $200 million. Currently, 60 such cases have been documented by the Tainan City Government, equating to an investment amount of NT $153.3 billion.
(3) “People’s Livelihoods First” has been at the core of Tainan’s administrative values since Premier Lai was serving as Mayor of Tainan City. Achieving this through economic development while organizing municipal infrastructure projects has been the primary objective for the Tainan City Government. Over the past eight years, the growth rate for business registration in Tainan reached 19.4%, the employment rate increased by 8.8%, a total of 2,188 investments were completed, the investment volume reached NT $935.1 billion, and household income grew by 18%, indicating remarkable economic development. I urge the Economic Development Bureau to continue to promote economic development, collaborate with the Central Government, and join forces with the private sector to create a quality investment environment and to transform Tainan into the top consideration for businesses looking to invest. At the same time, please proactively assist the youth in establishing start-ups, as the younger generation is key to injecting new elements and vitality into Tainan’s future economic development.
(4) A certain portion of Tainan’s 7,000 hectares of industrial land remains idle. Thus, I would like to ask the Economic Development Bureau to further investigate the condition of idle industrial land. I would like to ask the Economic Development Bureau to organize a press conference to promote policies for industrial zone grade separation and the Tainan City Self-Government Ordinance on Promoting the Development of the Technology and Creative Industries. Also, I would like to ask the Economic Development Bureau to continue to aid youth start-ups.


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