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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 324th Municipal Administrative Meeting 01/24/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/01/30 上午 10:24:35|最後修改日期:2018/01/30 上午 10:24:35

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. Building a homeland of well-being by ensuring social security
(1) The Tainan City Government has spared no effort in pushing forward the reconstruction work for buildings destroyed or damaged during the 2016 earthquake. As of yesterday, 20 reconstruction task force meetings have been held. Recently, the reconstruction works for the Dazhi Market Building and Xingfu Building have been launched. Other than ensuring a smooth and safe construction process, the Tainan City Government also guarantees greater housing safety for citizens by implementing the most stringent standards for industrial safety.
(2) Disadvantaged groups and people who have relocated to Tainan for school or work are often faced with rental troubles, such as poor housing quality, excessive rent, and an undersupply of houses for rent. To resolve these issues, the Tainan City Government has officially launched the Tainan City Social Housing Rental Escrow Services Project. Under this project, citizens can rent houses for 10% to 20% less than the market price. Disadvantaged families can rent houses at a 60% to 90% discount of the market price, and landlords receive tax incentives and a renovation bonus of NT $10,000 per year. In short, the goal of the Social Housing Rental Escrow Services Project is to create an all-win situation for landlords, tenants, the government, businesses, and to fully utilize housing resources.
(3) With Chinese New Year fast approaching, it is the time of the year for families to get together. The Tainan City Government has employed a multifaceted approach to promote a quality housing environment, thereby facilitate all residents in Tainan to have access to affordable housing, live well, and live at ease. The Tainan City Government aspires that everyone can find a safe haven in Tainan, and that every day is a good day, and every year is a great year.
1. The Urban Development Bureau’s report on the overall objective and progress of the artistic landscaping of Suehirocho Block and Haian Road Art Street (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) The Urban Development Bureau began implementing artistic landscaping on Haian Road Art Street in 2004. Substantial effort was put into this project over the past 13 years. The unique style of Haian Road’s street art has been held with high regard by citizens and tourists. In recent years, a cultural and creative atmosphere has emerged on Haian Road, Shennong Street, and Zhengxing Street, and historical streetscapes have been promoted. With the efforts of the Urban Development Bureau, citizens and visitors are about to see Haian Road – the lungs of Tainan – in a new light.
(2) After the first phase of the landscape construction project on Haian Road was completed at the end of last year, the section between Fucian Road and Zhongzheng Road was officially opened for traffic. The wind towers that divide the two lanes along Haian Road have always been a sore spot for the urban landscape of Tainan City. Thus, the Urban Development Bureau installed art pieces on each win tower. Other than softening the edges of these large structures, these diverse and interesting art pieces also glow, spin, and even make sounds. The Urban Development Bureau also practiced a human-centric approach when redesigning the area by transforming the strip that divides the two lanes into an accessible space for pedestrians. The new visual landscape has received recognition from tourists and shopfronts on either side of the road. The benefits of transforming streets with an artistic and cultural, creative touch have been further expanded to Zhongzheng Road, thereby propelling comprehensive development in the area.
(3) Zhongzheng Road, formerly known as “Suehirocho” during the Japanese colonial period, was once the bustling core of Tainan. During this transformation project, the Urban Development Bureau adopted an Art Deco style of design, which was popular in the 1930s, to invoke memories of the City’s past style. The art pieces along Zhongzheng Road and even the power boxes were transformed using Art Deco elements and colors, which added an understated but luxurious touch. When walking along the lush Zhongzheng Road, pedestrians can appreciate the new art pieces while being immersed in an artistic atmosphere. As a result, the aesthetics of everyday life is reinforced, and the ideal of "art is life" is realized in Tainan, a livable city.
(4) The two art projects that the Urban Development Bureau has reported on involve installing art pieces on two major streets in Tainan City. In combination with the transformation of Haian Road's landscape, these projects will offer citizens a superior living environment and visual enjoyment. Again, I would like to thank Director-general Chuang and the staff members of the Urban Development Bureau for their devotion to these projects and their hard work. I would like to ask relevant departments to continue to collaborate with the Urban Development Bureau in matters involving the artistic transformation of Haian Road. Supervision for related matters will be led by Deputy Mayor Wu.
2. The Cultural Affairs Bureau’s report on the 2018 Yuejin Lantern Festival (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Held for seven consecutive years, the Yuejin Lantern Festival, the most refined lantern festival in Taiwan, takes place in one of Tainan’s most prominent ports, Yanshui District’s Yuejin Port. The greatest specialty of the Yuejin Lantern Festival is that it combines the transformed landscape of former Yuejin Port with local culture and innovative international art. Each year, internationally renowned artists and top domestic art groups collaborate in creative work. “Art,” “environment,” and “localness” were employed as the three major themes of the creative work, and the scenery of the lake and waterfront was used as a backdrop to create a breath-taking and culturally-rich Night Museum. Over the past six years, a total of 1.73 million persons have visited the festival. Last year, the Tainan City Government proposed “Yuejin Port Townscape Regeneration 2.0,” which was then selected for the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program. Comprehensive plans are in place for extending the benefits of the Yuejin Lantern Festival. The long-term objective is to promote development in the area north of Zengwen River. In short, the Yuejin Lantern Festival has become more than just a festival but is now a success story of local creation.
(2) The theme of the 2018 Yuejin Lantern Festival is “connect,” with a narrative that is centered on the connection between individuals, international and local, different art forms, and the contemporary and the future. The three major specialties of the festival are as follows: (a) exchanges with Kyoto are held for the first time; (b) international-grade light projection is introduced, offering a whole new visual sensation; (c) the exhibition area is expanded to Shuixiu Bridge for the first time, creating over ten hectares of exhibition space. A total of 48 artistic lamp pieces will be on display during this year’s festival, among which six are major landscape pieces that visitors can access and enter. This unmatched visual feast is a bond that connects Yuejin Port, the environment, Yanshui District’s residents, and local culture in a meaningful way. The festival, with its beautiful artwork and thoughtful theme, is an event to look forward to with great anticipation.
(3) The 2018 Yuejin Lantern Festival starts before Chinese New Year on February 10 and lasts through the Lantern Festival (March 4). Related events and attractions include performances brought by Youngcheng Theater, the Narcissus Carving Exhibition, the Bajiao (octagon) Building-Themed Bamboo Lantern Exhibition, the sea of flowers planted along Xinyi Road, and the much anticipated setting off of the beehive crackers. With these exciting events, the number of visitors to Yanshui has grown over the years. I would like to ask the Secretary-general to collaborate with concerned departments for handling matters such as traffic guidance, sanitation, and quality travel. Let us reflect upon deficiencies in previous years and strive to excel during this year’s festival. In addition, I would like to ask the Cultural Affairs Bureau to finalize a comprehensive plan before the opening of the festival and to ensure that all citizens, residents, and tourist will feel at home and enjoy the festival.
(4) I would like to thank Director-general Yeh and the staff members of the Cultural Affairs Bureau for the great work that they have done regarding the 2018 Yuejin Lantern Festival and for bringing glory to Tainan once again through the glimmer of lantern light at Yuejin Port. We all look forward to the Yuejin Lantern Festival in future years to come. In the future, the Yuejin Lantern Festival will not just be a local festival, but an international carnival. I hereby extend a warm welcome to all to visit Tainan during Chinese New Year. Together, let us connect by celebrating the most touching time of a year in Yuejin and at this artistic feast lit up by the moon and lantern light.


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