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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 331st Municipal Administrative Meeting 03/28/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/04/02 下午 01:57:52|最後修改日期:2018/04/02 下午 01:57:52

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. The transparent application of donations for the February 6 Tainan earthquake
(1) Recently, the utilization of donations for the Hualien Earthquake has garnered much public attention. Last week, I briefly explained the application of donations for the February 6 Tainan earthquake at the Tainan City Council. The Tainan City Government acted with great discretion when allocating donations, which were prioritized for subsidizing affected citizens and compensating for damage and property loss caused by the earthquake. To ensure that the public is aware of how the Tainan City Government utilizes donations, reconstruction work was launched under a transparent framework, where all monthly income/expenditures were announced on the Tainan City Government’s official website. The Tainan City Government is also scheduled to present a report concerning donations for the February 6 Tainan earthquake on May 15 at the Tainan City Council.
(2) The Tainan City Government did not offer interest cuts for specific industries. Rather, donations were used towards subsidizing affected citizens (and businesses) for their property loss. Controlling soil liquefaction was a major project launched in response to the February 6 Tainan Earthquake. Under this project, the Tainan City Government employed donations only to houses exposed to the risk of liquefaction. Structural repairs, straightening, and ground improvement were conducted on affected houses. Renovation and reconstruction work on public facilities, roads, and ditches damaged by soil liquefaction were funded using Central Government aid.
(3) Having experienced a devastating earthquake itself not long ago, Tainan empathizes with Hualien deeply. We give our best wishes to Hualien and sincerely hope that the daily lives of Hualien's citizens are restored to normal as soon as possible. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has made donations or offered assistance in response to the February 6 Tainan earthquake. Your generosity has facilitated the Tainan City Government in providing comprehensive care for citizens affected by the earthquake.
2. Tainan has successfully acquired the right to host four consecutive WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cups
(1) With the objective of having Tainan City become a permanent host city of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) U-12 Baseball World Cup, I led a task force comprising officials from the Tainan City Government and representatives of the Chinese Taipei Baseball Association on a visit to Paris last week. During our visit, we held a presentation at the WBSC Executive Committee Conference. The presentation was well-received and supported by 30 committee members from more than 20 countries.
(2) The WBSC Executive Committee has officially announced that Tainan has acquired the right to host four consecutive WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cups in 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2027. Considering that Tainan will also host the 2019 WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup, the world's most prestigious and popular youth baseball competition will regularly be held in Tainan City for the coming decade.
(3) Due to regulations and protocol, Tainan could not be named a permanent host city for the WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup. Nevertheless, the results of this visit are historical, in that Tainan City's importance and achievements in the world of baseball are highlighted, and Tainan's efforts in hosting the past two WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cups are recognized.
(4) During Premier Lai’s term as mayor, Tainan was awarded the right to host three consecutive WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cups in 2015, 2017, and 2019, a record-breaking feat in international sporting events. With Premier Lai’s efforts as a foundation, the Tainan City Government will endeavor to complete the construction of the Tainan Asia-Pacific International Baseball Stadiums and Training Centers as scheduled. The Tainan City Government will continue to promote baseball and solidify Tainan's position as a major player in the sport on the international stage. We are confident that Tainan will soon become the Williamsport of the East.
3. Please make preparations for the long weekend following the Qingming Festival 
(1) Next week there is a five day holiday that includes Children's Day and Qingming Festival. I would like to wish all children in Tainan City a happy Children's Day in advance. Qingming Festival marks an important day for people to return to their hometowns for tomb sweeping. I would like to ask all departments to carry out relevant services to the public in accordance with the work plans laid out by the Bureau of Civil Affairs.
(2) To accommodate large crowds of tourists and returning residents during the long weekend, I urge relevant authorities to remain vigilant and to prepare for issues related to transportation, safety, and fire safety in advance. The Police Department must also plan to dispatch additional police officers to assist in traffic control and relief near public cemeteries and pagodas, as well as tourist destinations, thereby ensuring safe and smooth traffic.
(3) This year’s Qingming Festival holiday is longer than usual. I would like to thank all staff members who will be on duty during the holiday. Let us work together to provide citizens and tourists with quality service, and to ensure that all tourists visiting Tainan will be left with an excellent impression of the City.
1. The Bureau of Civil Affairs’ report on public services for the 2018 Qingming Festival holiday (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) This year’s Qingming Festival holiday is five days long; therefore, the number of people coming to Tainan City for tomb sweeping is expected to increase. I would like to ask the Bureau of Civil Affairs and other concerned departments to prepare relevant measures and dived workload in advance.
(2) I would like to thank the Bureau of Civil Affairs for convening the Qingming Festival Tomb Sweeping Task Coordination Meeting, where all work items for authorities were clearly listed. However, I would like to add that there have been previous incidences of small and large fires caused by the embers of burnt joss paper. To minimize the risks of fires during the Qingming Festival holiday, I urge the Bureau of Civil Affairs and Fire Bureau to put additional effort into reminding citizens to pay extra caution. In addition, please complete preventative measures and offer assistance to the public concerning this matter.
(3) Preventing vector growth in cemeteries is a major focus of Dengue fever prevention. I would like to ask the Bureau of Civil Affairs and district offices to raise awareness in advance by reminding the public to search for any remaining containers, pour out any residual water, scrub the containers, and remove them before leaving the cemetery. By adhering to these four steps, mosquito growth can be effectively prevented. In addition, the public should also be reminded of the “four don’ts and two things to remember,” which are don’t burn weeds, don’t discard cigarette butts, don’t let burning joss paper fly loose, don’t set off firecrackers, remember to put out embers, and remember to collect trash. 
(4) Over the past few years, the Bureau of Civil Affairs and Environmental Protection Bureau have been proactively promoting a policy calling for the centralization of burning joss paper. All public pagodas in Tainan City have closed their joss money burners, employed a one incense stick per person policy, limited incense use to the outdoor incense burner, and ensured that no incense burning or incense sticks are allowed inside the pagodas. The efforts of the public pagodas should be applauded because these policies effectively reduce the amount of particulate matter 2.5 produced by burning incense. Again, I would like to thank the Bureau of Civil Affairs and the Environmental Protection Bureau for promoting relevant policies. 
2. The Economic Development Bureau’s report on industrial park development and business invitations and the progress of upgrading aging industrial zones (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Many challenges arise during the development of industrial parks. Since Tainan City was upgraded as a special municipality, Liou-ying Technology and Environmental Industrial Park, Yong Kang Technical Industrial Park, and Tree Valley Park have been developed, and businesses have been invited to enter these parks. In addition, the development of Sin Ji Industrial Park has been reinitiated, and Cigu Technology Industrial Park has been listed for development. By creating NTD $482 billion worth of output per year and offering 53,100 job opportunities, these industrial parks present a quality environment for investments and attract companies to establish factories. I would like to thank Secretary-General Fang, Director-General Yin of the Economic Development Bureau, and the staff members for their efforts and thoughtfulness in promoting the development of industrial parks. 
(2) Currently, the progress of development and business invitation at Sin Ji Industrial Park is quite positive, with 70% of land in zones one to four having been sold in the span of two years. Sales for all land is estimated to be completed by the following year, after which the development of Cigu Technology Industrial Park will begin. The developments of these industrial parks propel the transformation of farm and fishing villages, promote local industry growth, and encourage the younger generation to return to Tainan for work.
(1) In addition to allocating a part of the Tainan City Government’s budget to upgrading aging industrial zones, we also negotiated with the Central Government and successfully acquired NTD $102 million in subsidies. The results of the upgrading efforts are unmistakable, with an increase in 300 factories, an investment amount of NTD $11.8 billion, an annual output of NTD $14.4 billion, and an additional 4,000 job opportunities. The Economic Development Bureau has successfully acquired NTD $123,770,000 from the Central Government, which was allocated from the first stage subsidies of the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program. By continuing to upgrade and improve aging industrial zones in Tainan City, a better environment is created for investors, which attracts more companies to invest in or move into these industrial zones.
(2) People’s Livelihoods First was at the center of Premier Lai’s policies during his term as mayor. Economic growth, which improves people's quality of life, has been the focus of Tainan's municipal development. Over the past few years, the Tainan City Government has developed new industrial zones and upgraded aging ones, thereby creating a quality environment for investors and attracting businesses to set up their factories in these industrial zones. Over time, Tainan has become a priority for businesses looking to invest, which has promoted economic growth in Tainan. Let us all join hands in continuing to elevate Tainan’s livability.
(3) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has confirmed that its three-nanometer node wafer plant will be located in Southern Taiwan Science Park; therefore, Southern Taiwan Science Park currently has no vacant land for other subcontractors to establish factories. I would like to ask the Economic Development Bureau to assist subcontractors in locating factory land in other industrial zones within Tainan. In addition, I suggest the Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration expand the park's programs in advance. I urge the Economic Development Bureau to assess the feasibility of establishing an administration office dedicated to the management of industrial zones within urban planning districts. I would like to ask Deputy Secretary-General Hong to lead the Economic Development Bureau, Bureau of Urban Development, and Public Works Bureau to conduct an inventory on industrial zones within urban planning districts in Tainan City and identify those that lack detailed plans or access roads. I would also like to ask the Secretary-General to lead concerned departments in discussing how to attract relevant industries to invest in Singying Long Distance Bus Transfer Center and Yongkang Logistics Center.


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