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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 348th Municipal Administrative Meeting 08/08/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/08/14 上午 08:09:37|最後修改日期:2018/08/14 上午 08:09:37

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. A happy Father’s Day to all dads in Tainan City
(1) Today is Father’s Day. I wish all fathers health, a happy family life, and happy Father’s Day.
(2) Recently, the Tainan City Government publicly commended model fathers. The commended men included fathers who are devoted to their families in every way, grandfathers who have stepped in to take care of grandchildren in skipped generation families, single dads who take up the responsibility of childcare and housekeeping single-handedly, and fathers of disabled children. With their selfless devotion to their children, these fathers serve as role models to us all.
(3) Fathers are a pillar of support for their children. Traditionally, we Taiwanese are less accustomed to expressing our love and gratitude to our fathers. However, on this special day, I urge all children to use this opportunity to hug your dad and tell him “thank you” and “happy Father’s Day.”
2. The Central Government and local governments have collaborated to launch a new daycare system
(1) Under the Executive Yuan’s Strategic Plan for Managing the Low Birth Rate, childcare subsidies and daycare subsidies have been expanded effective on August 1 of this year. The Central Government formulated this plan to ease the burden of childcare for parents, stabilize the income of babysitters and preschool teachers and caregivers, increase parents’ trust in private nurseries or preschools, and improve the business of private daycares. This win-win plan has the Tainan City Government’s full support. We hope that by implementing this plan, childcare will become more affordable in the future, and people will be more willing to have children.
(2) I would like to thank the staff members of the Bureau of Social Affairs and the Bureau of Education for their excellent work on this matter. Daycare subsidies pertaining to two- to four-year-olds will be available starting from the 2019 academic year. The Tainan City Government will issue subsidies in accordance with the Central Government’s schedule, and all relevant policies will be aligned starting in 2019. The issuance of subsidies for children younger than two years old will be completed before September 30, where additional daycare subsidies for August and September will be issued, increasing the number of beneficiaries from 14,000 to 27,000.
(3) Babysitting accounts for the largest proportion of all types of daycare. The Bureau of Social Affairs has held six seminars on babysitting. Among the six special municipalities, Tainan has the largest number of parents who have signed contracts for babysitters. Nevertheless, the public has many questions regarding this new plan. Therefore, I would like to ask the Bureau of Social Affairs to take the initiative in promoting this plan. Good policies should be implemented as soon as possible.
1. The Bureau of Land Administration’s report on its administrative achievements over the past eight years (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Land is at the foundation of national infrastructure development. Therefore, land administration is not merely about managing land, but also about the interaction between people and land. As times have changed, land issues have become increasingly complex. The staff members of the Bureau of Land Administration have diligently adjusted their operations to fulfill contemporary trends. They have employed their professional competencies and extensive practical experience to stipulate and amend relevant laws and regulations. They have promoted land development, holistic cadastral management, better measurement technology and refined cadastral definitions, reasonable adjustments to land value, land usage management, safe real estate transactions, the continuous renewal of farm roads and waterways, and the development of agricultural villages and other land administration tasks. In short, the Bureau of Land Administration has resolved many land administration-related problems, offering great support for the Tainan City Government in its promotion of major infrastructure projects. The performance and efficiency of the Bureau of Land Administration deserved recognition.
(2) The Bureau of Land Administration and its 11 affiliated Land Offices have delivered professional knowledge pertaining to land administration and further provided integrated, inter-departmental services to citizens. Land Administration data have been digitalized, and a platform for storing geographical information has been established. In addition, a multi-target cadastral map management system, real-time property transaction system, and real-time case inquiry system are now available. Furthermore, the Bureau of Land Administration has launched a “land administration on wheels” serves, where a land administration bus travels to different districts and offers services to senior citizens who may find traveling long distances difficult. The efforts of the staff members of the Bureau of Land Administration have been reflected on citizens’ satisfaction with their service quality, as the Bureau of Land Administration has received substantial positive feedback.
(3) Land administration is fundamental work for all city governments. I would like to thank Deputy Secretary-General Hung and Acting Director-General Tsai for leading the Bureau of Land Administration in building a solid foundation for Tainan’s various infrastructure projects over the years. Furthermore, the Bureau of Land Administration has significantly contributed to the increase in Tainan City’s fiscal income. Be it the land readjustment in Shuijiaoshe, Jiufenzi, Singying Long Distance Bus Transfer Center, Yongkang Logistics Center, and Pingshi Barracks or land expropriation in Sinhe and Shenei, Yongkang Artillery School, Yunhexingzuan Park, Southern Tainan Second City Center, and Yanghang Junior High School, the Bureau of Land Administration has completed projects in nine development zones since Tainan was upgraded as a special municipality. Projects in another ten development zones are underway. I am confident that these major construction projects, led by the Tainan City Government, are able to propel balanced regional development effectively. Currently, 500 hectares of livable land, 305 hectares of public facilities (including a detention pond with a capacity of 33 tons), and 50 hectares of parkland have been created under these projects, thereby forming a quality residential environment while effectively lowering housing prices and land prices. I would like to thank the Urban Development Bureau, Public Works Bureau, Water Resources Bureau, Bureau of Transportation, and investors for their assistance. I hope that the staff members of concerned departments can continue to promote these projects with passion and with the objective of shaping Tainan as a livable city for its citizens.
(4) Some departments with physical counters have suggested that the height of the counters be lowered, and seats be provided to the public. I would like to ask Deputy Secretary-General Hung to collaborate with the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission; Bureau of Land Administration; Urban Development Bureau; Public Works Bureau; and Water Resources Bureau to discuss the possibility of inter-departmental access for relevant data and diagrams. I would like to ask the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission to review the administrative procedure that citizens must complete to apply for files and to further streamline these procedures, thereby creating more convenient and efficient services for citizens. 
2. The Urban Development Bureau’s report on its administrative achievements over the past eight years (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) When Tainan was upgraded as a special municipality, demands for urban structural changes and urban development arose. Therefore, the Urban Development Bureau has proactively reviewed and examined urban plans and assisted in promoting many key infrastructure projects. A total of 119 urban planning projects have been completed over the past eight years. These projects encompass transportation, economic development, cultural development, and disaster recovery, such as the relocation of surface railway facilities underground, Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, the Southern Branch of the National Central Library, flood detention ponds, and reconstruction projects following the February 6 earthquake. These projects are the cornerstone for Tainan's development in the future. I would like to thank Director-General Chuang and the staff members of the Urban Development Bureau for their excellent work in promoting urban development.
(2) With the premise of promoting housing justice, the Urban Development Bureau has applied comprehensive social housing strategies such as offering regular, annual rental subsidies and organizing public urban renewal projects. In addition, the Tainan City Government began collaborating with the Central Government in 2018 to promote a rental escrow policy. By simultaneously employing these three measures, citizens’ housing demands are sure to be satisfied. Furthermore, an estimated 573 units will be acquired through public urban renewal projects and designated as public housing, thereby realizing housing justice and achieving our vision of shaping Tainan as a livable city.
(3) To revitalize Hai’an Road and restore it to its former glory as the center of old Tainan, the Urban Development Bureau launched the Hai’An Road Transformation Project in 2017. The project will soon be completed and opened to the public. When the project is completed, the Tainan City Government will host a major outdoor artistic project – Street Museum of Art +, which will begin on August 18. We look forward to incorporating artistic elements into Tainan's downtown cityscape, and we would like to invite citizens to explore the new Hai’an road and experience the charm of Tainan.
(4) To prevent strong winds during typhoons from damaging the public art and plants along Hai’an Road, I would like to ask the Urban Development Bureau and units responsible for maintenance to prepare for Typhoons beforehand. I would like to ask the Secretary-General to convene a meeting with the departments to discuss the feasibility of using existing buildings or those under construction as social housing. 


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