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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 335th Municipal Administrative Meeting 05/02/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/05/07 上午 11:16:52|最後修改日期:2018/05/07 上午 11:16:52

 Mayor’s Remarks

1. The flood season has arrived, please enhance flood prevention measures accordingly
(1) In order to prepare for the flood season this year, the Tainan City Government convened the 2018 Tainan City Flood Prevention Meeting on April 25. In addition to thanking the department and district office representatives who attended the meeting, I would also like to thank the heads and representatives of the Water Resources Agency, South Region Water Resources Office, the 5th River Management Office, the 6th River Management Office, the Department of Irrigation and Engineering, the Armed Forces, and Taiwan Water Corporation for taking part in the meeting and joining us in flood prevention work.
(2) We are living in an era of extreme weather. A downpour or unexpected rainstorm could instantly result in disaster. Therefore, we must not take this issue lightly. Comprehensive preparation is essential. For example, the functions of water gates, water pumping stations, and levees must be double-checked. Sludge and sedimentation in ditches and sewage systems should be properly removed. Possible flood entry points in ongoing construction projects must also be identified.
(3) Other than hoping that the weather remains relatively stable, we must take action and employ measures to prevent floods. With this in mind, I would like to ask the Water Resources Bureau, Fire Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, and concerned departments to pay extra caution to flood prevention work, thereby safeguarding citizens' property and personal safety. I urge district executives who have just taken office to acquaint themselves with the flood prevention facilities and the conditions of areas prone to flooding as soon as possible and subsequently establish a comprehensive set of measures and responses.
2. Keeping residential environments clean to enhance Dengue fever prevention
(1) Precipitation during the latter half of last year was less than ideal. Based on experience, citizens often use water containers to store water in preparation for times of drought. However, if left uncovered or uncleaned, water containers are likely to become a breeding ground for Dengue vectors.
(2) During the dry spell at the beginning of 2015, citizens used water containers to store water. But after the monsoon season arrived, many containers were discarded and became a source of vectors. This year’s weather conditions are similar to those of 2015, meaning that the climate is ideal for vector growth. Statistics also confirm that the density of vectors is on the rise. Thus, I would like to remind citizens to please cover water containers with lids and to refrain from storing water for more than three days. All water containers should be scrubbed once a week. By taking these precautions, we can prevent water containers from becoming a breeding ground for Dengue vectors.
(3) Dengue fever is a type of environmental disease. Keeping residential environments clean and preventing water containers from becoming a breeding ground will effectively prevent Dengue fever outbreaks. I would like to ask the Environmental Protection Bureau to enhance inspections of water containers and penalize violations accordingly and within the scope of the bureau’s public power.
1. The Public Health Bureau’s report on food safety and health management (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) People consider food to be the foundation of life. Therefore, food safety is a fundamental requirement and condition of a civilized society. The Tainan City Government manages food at its source, suspending the supply of any food products that do not meet requirements. Food is inspected, and inspections are followed-up all along the supply chain. Any violations are met with strict penalties, thereby ensuring food safety and citizens’ health. I would like to thank the Public Health Bureau, the Joint Inspection Task Force for Food Safety, and concerned departments for their efforts and their resolve in conducting thorough investigations. Your hard work ensures that citizens can find peace of mind while eating.
(2) The Five Links of Food Safety are tightly connected. From the farm, imports, processing, to sales, food safety is highly dependent on the collaborative efforts of concerned departments. Collaboration leads to better productivity. Therefore, in 2013, the Tainan City Government established the Food Safety Committee and the Joint Inspection Task Force for Food Safety, which is centered on interdepartmental collaborations. Regular food safety meetings and joint inspections are held. By ensuring comprehensive source control, reconstructing production management measures, strengthening inspections, increasing liabilities for dishonest food manufacturers, and reinforcing public oversight for food safety, citizens’ health is assured.
(3) Requirements for entering the food industry are not demanding, which further highlights the importance of autonomous management and risk management mechanisms. I would like to thank the staff members of the Public Health Bureau for their great work. Other than promoting a registration system for food companies, the Public Health Bureau has also collaborated with the industry and academia to execute the Program to Establish a Food Safety and Health Management System. Furthermore, the promotion of relevant policies and the consultation range have been expanded, and executive inspection and severe penalties have been employed, thereby enhancing the health management of food businesses. By employing the measures mentioned above, potential food scares are prevented, and the overall quality of the food industry is elevated, which reinforces Tainan as Taiwan’s food capital. I urge the staff members of the Public Health Bureau and concerned departments to keep up the good work with the objective of reinforcing protective mechanisms that safeguard citizens’ health.
(4) The weather is gradually getting warmer. I would like to use this opportunity to remind food businesses and citizens to pay extra attention to food hygiene and to abide by the five principles for preventing food poisoning: wash hands thoroughly, consume fresh food, prepare raw and cooked food separately, heat food completely, and preserve food at low temperatures. These five principles are key to having delicious, healthy, and safe food.
(5) I would like to ask the Public Health Bureau to proactively carry out inspections, announce the results of inspections via new outlets, and remind consumers to pay special attention to food safety.
2. The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission’s  report on the follow-up of major infrastructure projects listed in 2018 (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) I would like to thank the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission’s detailed report on the progress of construction projects costing over NT $10 million and basic facilities constructed using general grants in 2018. The objectives of performance follow-ups and reviews for government projects are to emphasize our overall achievements by elevating our self-demands and to provide reference for future policies. The continuous promotion of major projects ensures comprehensive regional infrastructure development and excellent urban functionality while establishing landmarks and further propelling a city's overall development.
(2) The report indicated that a total of 240 construction projects costing over NT $10 million were listed in Tainan City in 2018, of which 29 have been completed in March. These projects include road improvements, road construction, drainage improvement, and school building reconstruction. These projects not only elevate citizens’ quality of life but also provide school children with a safe learning environment. Moreover, these projects are the bedrock for infrastructure in Tainan City. I would like to ask the executive authority to thoroughly review the several projects that are behind schedule, formulate improvement plans, and maintain construction quality while catching up to schedule. 


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