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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 347th Municipal Administrative Meeting 08/01/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/08/06 下午 04:39:24|最後修改日期:2018/08/06 下午 04:39:24

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. Tainan wins first place in the county/city team category at the National Science Fair
(1) A total of 15 pieces presented by teams from Tainan City were displayed at this year’s National Science Fair. Eleven of the 15 pieces received awards in different subject categories, with three receiving first prize, one receiving second prize, one receiving third prize, five receiving honorary mentions, and one receiving an award for exploratory spirit. As students from Tainan demonstrated remarkable scientific innovation and outstanding research, Tainan won first place in the county/city team category. This is an achievement that we take great pride in.
(2) The objective of the National Science Fair is to cultivate students’ interest in scientific research. The latest curriculum guidelines value learning that is based on exploration and hands-on activities. The National Science Fair is perhaps one of the most ideal events for students to engage in exploration and hands-on activities. In the future, the Bureau of Education will use the capacity-oriented framework of the new curriculum guidelines as reference to establish eight technology centers. These technology centers will enable students to participate in hands-on activities and expand their scientific knowledge. Students will have the chance to solve problems using creative and innovative approaches, which will ultimately reinforce their capacity in creative thinking and problem-solving.
(3) Other than congratulating the students for winning awards in the National Science Fair, I would also like to thank their teachers and parents for providing guidance. In Tainan, we encourage students to pursue their dreams through education and aptitude-oriented development. I would like to thank to thank Director Chen and the staff members of the Bureau of Education for their deeply-routed efforts in promoting education. Because of your excellent work, Tainan has always ranked high on the list in all types of educational assessments. I hope that we can all continue to work together to promote education and inspire different perspectives among students.
2. In the face of the local elections at the end of the year, please maintain administrative neutrality
(1) The local elections are scheduled to be held at the end of the year. All departments in the Tainan City Government must follow relevant laws and regulations and maintain their administrative neutrality. I would like to ask the Department of Personnel to promote regulations and remind all staff members of the Tainan City Government to always abide by such laws and regulations, to work together to create a fair electoral environment, and to ensure administrative independence. 
(1) Strictly ensuring administrative neutrality is the fundamental responsibility of administrative authorities. The Tainan City Government will hold itself to the highest standards in maintaining administrative neutrality during the local elections. Nevertheless, the Tainan City Government is responsible for explaining the progress of municipal projects; therefore, staff members of the Tainan City Government must still attend certain meetings, inspections, and events held by legislators. To prevent controversies, staff members attending such meetings should avoid taking photos with legislators, as doing so may be interpreted as being political.
(2) If any current or former legislators attend events held by the departments of the Tainan City Government, please remind them to avoid wearing campaign clothing and refrain from exhibiting campaigning behavior at said events. I urge candidates from all political parties to respect administrative neutrality, which will allow the Tainan City Government to remain fully engaged in municipal work and provide top quality services to the residents of Tainan City.
1. The Civil Service Ethics Office’s report on its administrative achievements over the past eight years (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) When Premier Lai first took office as Mayor of Tainan City, he vowed to maintain honesty and diligence and inspire innovation. Honesty is a long-standing core value for the Tainan City Government. I would like to thank Director-General Chan and the staff members of the Civil Service Ethics Office for their efforts in organizing a series of forums and projects centered on civil services and anti-corruption work. In addition to educating the staff members of the Tainan City Government on the risks associated with civil work, these projects and forums also allow contractors to understand the Tainan City Government’s strict requirements for the quality of public construction projects. In short, a better environment for public affairs is created through these projects.
(2) The report indicates that over the past eight years, the Civil Service Ethics Office has systematically employed innovative approaches in planning a series of anti-corruption measures, thereby creating excellent executive performance and making Tainan a role model for other counties/cities. Relevant projects and measures include the Anti-Corruption Project for Authorities, Anti-Corruption Project for Contractors, Legal and Civic Education Video Courses with Yenxiaomei, and the establishment of an Anti-Corruption and Joint Supervision Section on the official webpages of the Tainan City Government’s departments. All of these measures are the first of their kind in Taiwan and have set excellent examples.
(3) I urge the Civil Service Ethics Office to continue to take preventative measures in their effort in combating corruption. I also anticipate the departments abide by the anti-corruption policies proposed by the Civil Service Ethics Office. Honesty is at the core of our administrative efforts. Let us continue to work together in realizing this administrative objective.
(4) I would like to ask the Civil Service Ethics Office to hold regular inspections for phased projects. Civil servants exhibiting abnormal behavior and those who have questionable whereabouts are at high risk of being corrupt. When identifying such persons, the ethics offices of the department that the said person works in should recommend the head of the department to transfer the person to a different department, thereby preventing illegal and corrupt actions from occurring. Blind draws are used to ensure the fair and stringent selection of members on evaluation committees for most advantageous tenders. I would like to ask the Civil Service Ethics Office to continue to employ this model for selecting committee members. 
2. the Cultural Affairs Bureau’s report on the 2018 Tainan Chihsi Festival (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approving reference filing
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) To set the Tainan Chihsi Festival apart from similar festivals in other cities, Tainan became the first city to employ Yue Lao (the marriage god) culture as a theme of the festival. This theme has attracted temples in Tainan City to take part in Tainan Chihsi Festival. In this year’s festival, four romantic packages are launched, including the Yue Lao-Themed Bus Tour, Yue Lao Afternoon Tea and Accommodation Discounts, Love-Themed Exhibitions, and Love-Themed Community Events. In short, a variety of creative events will take place in Tainan during the Tainan Chihsi Festival.
(2) Other than collaborating with hotel businesses to launch Hotel Dating Season, a series of hotel discounts, and the Romantic Master Chef, Chihsi Festival-themed afternoon tea deals, the Tainan City Government has also invited the director and cast of Cape No. 7 to promote related events. The Yue Lao-Themed Bus Tour, the first of its kind, involves tour buses that showcase specialty products from seven different Yue Lao temples. In addition, guided tours are offered in different languages, enabling visitors from overseas to gain a better understanding of Tainan’s unique culture.
(3) A diverse range of events are offered during the Tainan Chihsi Festival, and many stakeholders, such as hotels, department stores, hostels, and art groups, are involved. To ensure the best possible experience for citizens and visitors, smooth communication between different parties is critical once the festival begins. I would like to thank Director-General Yeh and the staff members of the Cultural Affairs Bureau for their excellent work. I am confident that these events will make for a memorable summer for many visitors. Finally, I hope that Tainan will be a city of love during Chihsi Festival.


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