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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 334th Municipal Administrative Meeting 04/25/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/05/01 下午 04:36:36|最後修改日期:2018/05/01 下午 04:40:00

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. Initiate drought prevention measures and continue to monitor the water supply
(1) Lately, Tainan City’s water supply levels have continued to drop. Water reserves in Zhengwen Reservoir, Wusantou Reservoir, and Nanhua Reservoir are gradually declining. To formulate precautionary measures, the Tainan City Government held a drought prevention meeting on April 18. To ensure that third-phase water rationing (on domestic and industrial water) is not initiated before the end of May, enhanced water reallocation and management measures were initiated early.
(2) The Tainan City Government collaborates closely with authorities in charge of water supply, such as the South Region Water Resources Office, Taiwan Water Corporation, and Chia-Nan Irrigation Association. Strategies and measures were planned with these authorities to ensure the flexible reallocation of regional water resources and accurate control over yield. Water supply remains stable at present. Irrigation demands for agricultural use will taper off by the end of May. Our objective is to maintain a minimum water reserve of 4,000 tons in Zhengwen Reservoir and Wusantou Reservoir up to the end of May. Although water supply levels are less than ideal, they currently remain in the expected range.
(3) The departments of the Tainan City Government have coordinated and prepared drought-prevention wells. Water supply is to be expanded through recycling and reusing wastewater, installing rainwater collection systems in government offices and schools, and enforcing water recycling in industrial zones. Efforts in promoting water saving to the public have been reinforced. In the future, we will continue to monitor water supply levels and ensure a stable water supply. Furthermore, we ask citizens also to take up water saving measures. Too often, water doesn’t seem scarce until there is little left. Together, let us cherish the water we have at hand and overcome this challenge.
2. Ranking first in the Ministry of Education’s Reading Foundation Award, Tainan takes yet another step toward becoming a city of literature
(1) Five schools in Tainan won awards at the Ministry of Education’s 2018 Reading Award, the highest number among all cities and counties in Taiwan. In addition, six teachers from Tainan were awarded the Facilitator of Reading Award. For two consecutive years, Tainan has won the highest number of reading-related awards in the nation, which is an unmistakable recognition of the achievements of the school teachers, students, and the Bureau of Education.
(2) After Tainan was upgraded to a special municipality, and during Premier Lai’s term as mayor, the Literary Tainan Project was formulated. Literary Tainan is centered on promoting and improving the quality of libraries in elementary and junior high schools, revitalizing and upgrading libraries in the administrative districts, constructing three new libraries, launching a plan to construct a municipal library, increasing the budget for purchasing books, and making substantial improvements to the overall reading environment. By achieving these goals, citizens will be more willing to spend time in libraries. In 2017, the citizens of Tainan borrowed more than 7,820,000 books, which translates to an average of 4.15 books per person. By now, this number has exhibited a growing trend for several consecutive years.
(3) Reading is the backbone of a city’s literary sophistication; it not only cultivates cultured and innovative talent but also enhances a city’s competitiveness. Promoting reading is a long-term effort. With the excellent foundation that we have laid, we will continue to plan diverse promotional events and encourage citizens to start reading at a young age. I would like to thank the Bureau of Education, the Cultural Affairs Bureau, school teachers, public libraries, and staff members working in district offices for your excellent work in promoting reading and transforming Tainan into a city of literature.
1. The Bureau of Urban Development’s report on the overall review of Tainan and the outcome of urban renewal projects (refer to written source for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Since Tainan was upgraded to a special municipality, the Tainan City Government has proactively conducted overall reviews of Tainan’s urban plans with the goals of maximizing land usage and improving the urban environment each year. By releasing reserved public land, reviewing industrial zones, or increasing open spaces, the Tainan City Government has successfully revitalized a substantial amount of land. In addition, more reasonable land use and transportation systems have been developed by integrating relevant regulations and connecting traffic routes that were separated prior to Tainan becoming a special municipality. The achievements are remarkable. 
(2) The Bureau of Urban Development has provided assistance in promoting municipal infrastructure. The numerous urban plans and urban renewal projects implemented are closely tied to transportation, economic development, cultural construction, disaster prevention, and flood detention. Furthermore, the Tainan City Government collaborates closely with concerned departments and vows to propel development in all aspects, thereby ensuring the formulation of comprehensive plans for building public facilities. I would like to ask the Bureau of Urban Development for their continuous support in the future concerning major infrastructure projects and various cases involving alterations to urban plans.
(3) The Bureau of Urban Development re-plans land usage by consolidating veterans’ villages that have not been rebuilt and through spearheading urban renewal projects, thereby improving the overall value of acquired public land, acquiring public land without compensation, and elevating citizens’ living quality. Concurrently, the Tainan City Government collaborates with the private sector to promote urban renewal projects that are reconstructive and maintenance-based, thus revitalizing Tainan and strengthening the city’s competitiveness.
(4) Many citizens expect the Tainan City Government to review land reserved for public facilities and oversee the systematical release of idle land. Therefore, I would like to ask the Bureau of Urban Development to focus its efforts on this aspect. Please provide citizens with additional public facilities and open space, and realize urban regeneration by conducting comprehensive reviews, developing diverse measures for releasing idle land, collaborating with the private sector, and conducting relevant projects in stages. Finally, I would like to thank Director-General Chuang and the staff members of the Bureau of Urban Development for their efforts in promoting urban renewal.
(5) Please assess the feasibility of relocating Tainan Sports Park. After relocation, the original site can be transformed into a forest park, and a part of the offset-expenditure land can be used as a residential or commercial zone. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s three-nanometer node wafer plant is scheduled to be built in Southern Taiwan Science Park, which has led to an increase in demand for commercial land in the surrounding area. I would like to ask the Bureau of Urban Development to discuss whether to initiate the Southern Taiwan Science Park Expansion Project. Please also finalize the urban plan for Nanshan Public Cemetery as soon as possible. Because of land revitalization at Pingshi Barracks, development in the area is to be expected shortly; thus, I would like to ask the Bureau of Urban Development to further assess whether to expand eastward. Together, let us utilize urban plans and protocol to set Tainan on a positive course of development, build public facilities that citizens can use and enjoy, and offer quality housing while maintaining reasonable housing prices. These are prospects that are well worth pursuing.
2. The Tainan City Police Department’s report on Tainan City’s public safety (refer to written source for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Police officers are a significant force that ensures public safety. Police officers’ devotion to their duties provides citizens with a safe and prosperous life. The National Police Agency recently announced the results of a survey on public safety satisfaction for the latter half of 2017. The results of the survey indicated that citizens were extremely satisfied with seven indicators, including the Tainan City Government’s overall effort in elevating public safety, public safety conditions in the respondent’s neighborhood, police officers’ overall services, police officers’ on-duty behavior, performance in identifying traffic violations, ability to fight crime, and ability to solve citizens’ problems. Tainan City ranked first among the six special municipalities. Twenty-two surveys were conducted over the past seven years, all of which ranked Tainan as the first among all special municipalities. I would like to thank Commissioner Huang and the staff members of the Tainan City Police Department for ensuring citizens’ public safety.
(2) Public safety is an issue that is close to the hearts of many citizens. Drug and scam prevention are major focuses of public safety policies proposed by the Central Government. The Executive Yuan’s New Generation Anti-drug Strategy is focused on drug control and prevention, rejecting and preventing drugs, drug traceability, rehabilitation strategies, and amendments to the law. The objective is to eliminate drugs at their source, prevent drugs from entering Taiwan's borders, and to eradicate drugs completely. I hereby ask all police officers to put extra effort into drug prevention and cracking down on drug-related crimes, thereby successfully eliminating drugs at the source and creating a healthy, drug-free homeland for our citizens.
(3) Scams are a detriment to people’s financial security and interpersonal trust. Tainan City’s police force has collaborated with financial institutions and used communication software to raise awareness and prevent citizens from being scammed into making false bank transfers. To date, our police department has successfully thwarted many remittance scams, an achievement that should be commended. In future, technology should be used in preventing or investigating scams, and further promotions are needed to combat scam artists and ultimately cripple scam rings.
(4) Police officers play a significant role in ensuring social justice and law enforcement. Moreover, police officers are at the first line when citizens are in need. In addition to safeguarding public safety, I also encourage police officers to adopt the mindset of community policing. As cloud technology has become a prominent trend, it is important for police officers to utilize social media platforms, such as Facebook, to promote cloud community policing. By doing so, police officers are better able to establish a presence in communities, increase their approachability, and build a collaborative partnership with citizens. Through enhancing collaborative efforts, police officers and the public are able to co-maintain community safety, thereby creating a safe city that fulfills citizens’ expectations.
(5) I would like to ask the Tainan City Police Department to assess the possibility of upgrading their surveillance system and the feasibility, costs, and benefits of adding a facial recognition function to the system. Please include the 61 high-risk venues on the watch list when performing joint inspections, and strictly enforce the law. The content concerning sex-related industries, released by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), no longer applies to contemporary conditions. Thus, I ask the Bureau of Economic Development to send a petition to the MOEA, suggesting the MOEA to list venues not classified under sex-related industries but present safety concerns as major inspection points. Police officers and firefighters deserve great encouragement, and their rights should be protected. Thus, I would like to ask the Secretary-General to convene a meeting with concerned departments and discuss the feasibility of establishing a compensation lawsuit fund for police officers and firefighters. The compensation lawsuit fund will be used for national compensations that arise from on-duty incidences or lawsuits filed by citizens.


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