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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 325th Municipal Administrative Meeting 01/31/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/02/06 下午 02:43:10|最後修改日期:2018/02/06 下午 02:43:10

 Mayor’s Remarks:

1. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s 18th plant for five-nanometer nodes and 12-inch wafers 
(1) The groundbreaking ceremony for the 18th plant of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which specializes in the production of five-nanometer nodes and 12-inch wafers, and is located in Southern Taiwan Science Park, took place last Friday (January 26). Five hundred billion New Taiwan dollars were invested in this project, creating 4,000 job opportunities. The new plant is estimated to achieve an annual output of one million 12-inch wafers by 2022, marking a major achievement for Tainan and Taiwan. Again, I would like to thank TSMC’s CEO, Mr. Morris Chang, and Co-CEO, C. C. Wei; Minister Liang-Gee Chen of the Ministry of Science and Technology; and Director-General Lin Wei-cheng of Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration for choosing Tainan as the location for such a prominent investment.
(2) Currently, TSMC has one eight-inch and one 12-inch wafer plant in Tainan, with a total of 11,000 employees. As Director-General Lin has mentioned, for every employment opportunity created within Southern Taiwan Science Park, eight are created externally. Therefore, TSMC’s increased investment is sure to bring tangible benefits to Tainan’s economic development and job market.
(3) To set this investment project in motion, Premier Lai led the Tainan City Government’s staff members in offering full support during his term as mayor. In addition, Premier Lai proactively communicated with the central government to push forward the agenda of this investment project, which led to the successful completion of the environmental impact assessment and resolved issues pertaining to water supply. TSMC has confirmed that its three-nanometer node wafer plant will also be established in Southern Taiwan Science Park. Hence, I urge our colleagues in the Tainan City Government to take a proactive approach when providing services and ensure complete cooperation with the central government to guarantee the successful establishment of the new three-nanometer node wafer plant. With the establishment of the new plant, Tainan will become the most important base for the most cutting-edge wafer manufacturing process. I would like to ask the Public Works Bureau and Bureau of Transportation to seek assistance from the central government and stipulate a solution to resolve problems concerning Southern Taiwan Science Park's connecting traffic. 
2. Appreciation for the central government’s support for key infrastructure projects in northern Tainan
(1) Last Sunday (January 28), Premier Lai took time out of his busy schedule to host the groundbreaking ceremony for Taiwan Water Corporation’s Employee Training Park with Chairman Jimmy Kuo of Taiwan Water Corporation. I would like to thank Premier Lai and Chairman Kuo for joining hands to promote this international-scale facility and for choosing Xinying District as its location, thereby propelling prosperity and development in the region.
(2) Taiwan Orchid Varieties Commercial Center (TOVCC) was officially opened to the public at Taiwan Orchid Plantation in Houbi District on January 24. The TOVCC’s three-year project resulted from Premier Lai’s proactive petitions to President Tsai during his term as Mayor. The objective of the project was to establish a strategic model for exporting orchid species, assist businesses in production and marketing, and promote industry-academic collaborations through the joint efforts of the Floriculture Research Center, the Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (both subordinate to the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan), and the Agriculture Business Division of Taiwan Sugar Corporation.
(3) Once again, I would like to thank Premier Lai and the industry for their proposal, President Tsai for her support, and Taiwan Orchid Growers Association for their devotion, which set the foundation for the successful establishment of TOVCC, offering farmers the most practical form of assistance.
1. The Department of Information and International Relations, Tourism and Travel Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Police Bureau, Public Health Bureau, and Environmental Protection Bureau’s report on Plans for the 2018 Chinese New Year Holiday’s Key Work Items (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Time flies and the 2018 Chinese New Year Holiday is only ten days away. The same as last year, this year's Chinese New Year is a six-day holiday. In addition to locals returning to Tainan for the holiday, a large number of tourists are also to be expected. I would like to thank all heads of government for planning key work items for the Chinese New Year Holiday in advance, such as safety, transportation routes, food safety for Chinese New Year-specific food products, the cleanliness of the environment, and festive events. Furthermore, the heads of government have arranged overall marketing programs that are centered on major events that will take place during the Chinese New Year Holiday, enabling citizens to have a comfortable holiday while looking forward to a brand new year, and offering returning locals and visiting tourists top quality service. Thank you all for your dedication.
(2) In addition to the well-anticipated Yanshui Beehive Rocket Festival and Yuejin Lantern Festival, the Tourism and Travel Bureau also launched a series of events related to the 2018 Chinese New Year Holiday, such as outings in major scenic areas, an increased number of guided tours for the Three-Star Michelin Tourism Guide in Tainan, and Tainan Canal boat tours. The Transportation Bureau has launched a double-decker sightseeing bus, transforming the Greater Tainan Area into a joyous theme park during the Chinese New Year Holiday, which is certain to attract large crowds of tourists. Thus, comprehensive planning is critical for maintaining traffic, keeping the environment clean, and delivering memorable events. This is a chance for the Tainan City Government to demonstrate its excellent governance and competence to accommodate change. The ultimate objective is to meet the expectations of every tourist and leave them satisfied. I urge all heads of government to lead the staff members of Tainan City Government to complete every work detail and to utilize various channels to comprehensively disclose information, particularly information concerning transportation and parking. The public must be able to easily access such information. Hence, I would like to ask the Department of Information and International Relations to handle relevant matters with care.
(3) Another key task the public sector must consider is ensuring an ample supply of daily necessities for the public during the Chinese New Year Holiday. I would like to ask the Agriculture Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, and Consumer Ombudsmen to give extra care to ensure the stable supply and prices of necessities. Additionally, there is no room for error when it comes to safeguarding food safety. Therefore, I would like to ask the Public Health Bureau and concerned departments to thoroughly inspect Chinese New Year-specific food products and food sold along Xinhua Old Street, which was officially recognized as the main supply center for Chinese New Year Food Products in Tainan seven years ago. Together, let us help consumers purchase food products at ease by safeguarding food safety.
(4) Chinese New Year is an important holiday where families get together; it is also the time of the year when people are accustomed to having major cleanups. Starting from February 8 is this year’s National Cleaning Week. I would like to ask the Environmental Protection Bureau, Education Bureau, Public Works Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, and various district offices to complete cleaning work according to the planned division of labor. Please also promote the four-steps to preventing diseases (e.g., Dengue fever): patrol, empty, clean, and brush. Finally, I would like to ask the Environmental Protection Bureau to give their full support to the public and meet public demands for removing waste during National Cleaning Week.
(5) In addition to thanking the staff members from the departments that gave this announcement, I would also like to thank staff members who will be on duty at the 1999 Citizen Hotline under the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission and those working at various departments and district offices during the Chinese New Year Holiday. I sincerely thank you for sacrificing your Chinese New Year Holiday to serve the public.
(6) As in the past, I would like to ask the Transportation Bureau and Police Bureau to include Luermen Mazu Temple and Orthodox Luermen Sheng-Mu (Mazu) Temple as key locations where enhanced services are required. As for the Economic Development Bureau and Agriculture Bureau, please ensure a stable supply of fruits and vegetables and Chinese New Year-specific food products during the holiday. To our colleagues in the Cultural Affairs Bureau, please keep track of the transportation facilities and parking spaces at the Old Tainan Water Course and the human resource supply at cultural venues. For the staff members of the Public Works Bureau, please ensure the cleanliness of underground walkways in the train station and the glass panels at the entrance of underpasses. To prevent suppliers from forcing up prices, I kindly ask the Consumer Ombudsmen to pay extra attention to suspicious price fluctuations during the Chinese New Year Holiday. 


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