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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 333rd Municipal Administrative Meeting 04/18/2018

刊登發佈日期:2018/04/23 下午 03:42:33|最後修改日期:2018/04/23 下午 03:42:33

 Mayor’s Remarks

1. The plenary interpellation of the Tainan City Council has begun, all departments are encouraged to promote the City Government’s polices during the session
(1) The seventh regular plenary meeting of the current session has recently begun. Currently, the session has progressed to plenary interpellation. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, high-ranking officials and I will attend the session to answer to interpellations and to receive public oversight.
(2) Since the start of this session, councilors have provided recommendations for various public issues. I encourage all departments to humbly accept these suggestions and consider how to make improvements on deficiencies raised by the councilors. Nevertheless, it is important to clarify any potential misunderstandings, thereby preventing misinformation from misleading citizens, as such misunderstandings are unfair to both the City Government and Tainan’s citizens.
(3) Recently, the Tainan City Government launched many major infrastructure projects. Thus, further discussions on this matter are to be expected during interpellations. I hope that all departments review their duties and responsibilities with scrutiny and seize the opportunity to communicate with councilors during interpellations, thereby demonstrating the plans and progress of the City Government’s infrastructure projects.
2. The peak season for Dengue fever has begun, please take necessary precautions
(1) Over the past two years, the Tainan City Government collaborated with citizens, National Cheng Kung University, and businesses and received assistance from hospitals and clinics, thereby successfully inhibiting Dengue fever outbreaks. With summer approaching, the weather is likely to lead to an increase in vector population. We have now entered the peak season for Dengue fever.
(2) Disinfection work has been launched in villages and districts. However, disinfecting the environment is preventative at best. After the disinfectants have worn off, vectors are likely to thrive in containers with water or at any location with water puddles. I would like to ask departments responsible for health and the environment to reinforce public awareness of the four steps to preventing Dengue fever outbreaks: patrolling, emptying, cleaning, and scrubbing. It is important to remove any idle containers, an act that will prevent vectors from breeding in the first place.
1. The Land Administration Bureau’s report on the progress and subsequent financial plans for the relocation of Yongkang Artillery School and the zone expropriation project for the development of Yongkang Creative Design Park (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) The Yongkang Artillery School relocation project is a major construction project that the Tainan City Government has been actively promoting since Tainan was upgraded as a special municipality. Aside from the public construction work that is underway in the expropriation zone, the headquarters for Tainan Public Libraries is also to be established in the zone. Furthermore, land has been reserved in the expropriation zone for mixed trade areas, creative design parks, and residential service areas, which offers opportunities for sustainable development in the Yongkang area.
(2) Currently, the progress of construction for stage one zone expropriation is on schedule. I encourage the Land Administration Bureau to keep up the good work. Other than incorporating sustainable concepts concerning the ecology and green energy into construction, please also continue to oversee the progress of construction and ensure that all projects are completed according to schedule. When acquiring land for sale after development has been completed, a portion of this land should be sold to cover development costs and, thereby achieving self-liquidation. Subsequently, all departments should collaborate to propose macro strategies and objectives that will maximize land value and revitalize the acquired land.
(3) After the zone expropriation for Yongkang Creative Design Park has been completed, the City Government anticipates employing the current location of Yongkang Artillery School as a center and promoting the development of this new city center by appropriate land use and with an emphasis on R&D, creativity, and a casual lifestyle, ultimately achieving sustainable development in Yongkang. I would like to acknowledge Deputy Secretary-General Hung, Director-General Tsai, and the Land Administration Bureau’s hard work, as well as concerned departments for their collaboration. In future, this area will become the administrative center of Yongkang, offering great prospects. Thus, I would like to ask the Land Administration Bureau to continue its excellent work.
2. The Agriculture Bureau’s report on the progress of promoting agricultural events (refer to written sources for details)
Decision: Approved for reference filing.
Mayor’s Remarks:
(1) Tainan City is home to rich natural resources and diverse cultures and customs. To attract visitors nationwide and to promote high-quality agricultural products, the Agriculture Bureau promotes agricultural events and integrates regional resources to combine the effects communities, farm villages, and sustainable development. By doing so, agricultural output is increased, and an overall improvement in the tourism industry is achieved.
(2) The Tainan City Government has allocated budget to subsidize district offices, farmers’ associations, and civil agricultural groups to promote agricultural events in Tainan City. I would like to thank all executive departments, Director-General Hsu of the Agriculture Bureau, and staff members for their hard work, which has led to excellent performance in Tainan’s agricultural output, number of tourists, and quality of agricultural tours and experiential activities.
(3) We anticipate that by organizing agricultural events in various districts that we are able to elevate local cohesion and identify new values in farm villages. Let us work together in continuing to promote local culture, industry values, and tourism in Tainan, which will strengthen the benefits and meaningfulness of these events.


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