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Minutes of Tainan City Government’s 313rd, Municipal Administrative Meeting 10/25/2017

刊登發佈日期:2017/11/01 上午 10:23:57|最後修改日期:2017/11/01 上午 10:23:57

 Mayor’s remarks

1. Building an investment-friendly environment for major investment projects in Tainan
(1) I am grateful to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) for investing in its 3nm and 5nm foundries in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) in Tainan. The investment amount will exceed NT$ 1.1 trillion and create over 11,000 job opportunities. Therefore, both projects are great investments that attract much attention around Tainan and even Taiwan.
(2) With such huge investment projects going on, it is our responsibility to resolve problems regarding water supply, land use, and electricity supply in collaboration with the STSP Bureau and the central government. Previously, Deputy Mayor Wu, Deputy Secretary-general Fang, and I have led the directors-general of the five bureaus, including the Cultural Affairs, Water Resources, Environmental Protection, Urban Development, and Economic Development bureaus, to visit the STSP Bureau, in order to understand how we as the local government can help resolve issues in water supply, land use, and electricity supply. Deputy Chief Yu of the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior also traveled to Tainan to hold a meeting with the STSP Bureau and us to discuss issues such as recycling water.  Through the collaboration of the local and central governments, we can build an investment-friendly environment.
(3) I deeply appreciate the efforts of all departments and bureaus. Your spirit and efficiency in city management are what attract investors to invest in Tainan. I hope that all of you can continue your great work and hold review meetings every month for major investment projects in Tainan, so that they can create more job opportunities for Tainan and thereby create an environment for a happy life in Tainan.
2. Groundbreaking of Sin Ji Industrial Park: the Only Industrial Park in the Country with Zero Effluent which Meet a Balance between Environmental and Economic Development
(1) “Having food beats everything else.” is the reminder that Premier Lai has left us. Through economic development, people can make a living and have a happy life. This is the central goal of our city development. In the past few years, we have progressively made this vision a reality by supporting the transformation of old industrial parks and planning new industrial parks.
(2) In addition to pursuing economic development, we should never forget the need for environmental sustainability. Sin Ji Industrial Park (SJIP) is the first industrial park developed after the county-city merger. This is the only zero-effluent industrial park planned after gathering the opinion of environmental groups and local residents. Currently, 70 enterprises are planning to move into the park and 12 have started factory construction. The achievement is outstanding. In addition, SJIP is the first industrial park in Taiwan to implement the lease before sale policy to eliminate land hoarding and speculation.
(3) I am grateful to Deputy Secretary-general Fang and Director-general Yin and the team members of Economic Development Bureau for their efforts. I also urge every sector to support the development of industrial and technology parks. Only with the government’s proper planning and design and business owners’ observance of the law can the best business models and the least pollution be achieved.
1. Report on the 2017 Tainan Food Festival presented by the Tourism Bureau (please refer to written sources for details)
Resolution: Approved for reference filing
Mayor's remarks:
(1) The 2017 Tainan Food Festival marks the seventh anniversary of the event. Specifically theming the event Origin of Taste and with Taiwanese cuisine as the main topic, the festival started a root searching journey in collaboration with senior chief chefs, local chefs, and food writers. By extending the innovation employed last year and combining with the most popular real escape games, the planner enabled visitors to know Tainan’s culinary culture, explore the initial intention of cooking, and re-discover the origin of taste through story and game design.
(2) Tourism in Tainan must be developed upon culture and also food. I thank the Tourism Bureau for its continuous innovations over the past few years under the leadership of Director-general Wang to introduce new energy to this historical city. Every activity can pinpoint the essence of Tainan foods and enable outsiders to see that Tainan cuisine is more than just cooking food, but rather represents a lifestyle, a culture, and our heritage.
(3) This year’s events attracted much attention. The most popular Yesteryear Flavor with the Master Chef and the Let’s Go with the Chef!, a trip led by a chef for visitors to learn about ingredients and their origins, were sold out immediately after their start. I hope that the Tourism Bureau can continue to build upon this type of progress based on the current success and turn Tainan into a true museum of gourmet foods.
(4) With regard to the restoration of the wooden path at the Anping Leisure Wharf, Deputy Mayor Wu should lead the Public Works Bureau and related departments and bureaus to conduct an onsite inspection before implementation. Deputy Mayor Wu and the Public Works Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Water Resources Bureau, Tainan City Police Department and related departments and bureaus should resolve the environmental and public order problems in the vicinity of that spot.


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